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Grid Finder is an online search directory of sim racing leagues. The site lists leagues by platform, sim game, car class and race day along with many other details. Sim racing commentators can also upload their profile to Grid Finder and be found by sim racing leagues. Grid Finder is the best way for sim racing leagues to find new members. ERO was awarded the "Grid Finder Approved" badge in Oct 2020.


Bolidomania is a web page associating most of Polish Simracing leagues, creating setups to F1 games from Codemasters and helping people to get into simracing easiest as is it's possible due to tutorials on website and Discord. It's also a fanpage creating memes on Facebook and Instagram, Youtube channel streaming league races and group of people racing together in simracing endurance events and leagues.

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Race Insight harnesses telemetry data to dramatically improve your driving skill and help you break through your limits on the track. This is an app working on F1 2020 and F1 2019 on all platforms which helps you to become a faster driver. It is free for 3 tracks available in the game, and for unlimited access, there is a charge of 7,99 €. If you will win a championship of any ERO division, you will get this app for free.